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Meet The Team


Michael Jacobs


I arrived in Knysna in 1986 and immediately joined NSRI where I served for 28 years, 10 years as Deputy Station Commander and 22 Years as Senior Cox’swain.

I was decorated for bravery of the highest order earning the Distinguished Service award (Gold), which was presented to me by the then State President P. W. Botha at a Sea Rescue dinner. I also received three other awards for Valour, being one Silver and two Bronze.

On my departure (age related) I was bestowed with an Honorary Life Membership award which I must say brought a lump to my throat.

I was Club Captain and later Chairman of Knysna Marathon Club, which as you know hosts one of the biggest Marathons in the Country with 8,000 runners. I also ran a great deal and have earned two Comrades Marathon medals.

Later I became Chairman of Knysna Squash Club, playing in tournaments for Southern Cape and later won the Club’s Masters Championship.

I also cycle long distances, 500km to 900km self- supported over many days. I do paddle and participated in the ‘Virtual Berg’ of 240km during ‘lockdown’ with eight other Knysna paddlers.

Other than that, I love walking, hiking and camping and have been as far afield as Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique and closer to Home, Swaziland and Lesotho all visited in my Camper Van.

My last stint was being on the Committee, Vice Commodore and three terms as Commodore at KYC.

I also Mentored nine post matric Students at TSiBA College and have seven that graduated with degrees ,Journalism, Logistics Management and five with degrees in Business Administration.


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John Franklin

Director, Administration and Finance, Strategy, Cruising Boat Regulations

John has sailed small boats since a child and ocean-going sailing boats as skipper for over 50 years.  Underwent seamanship training as a member to the Royal Navy Reserves. 1996 Sailed as Watch Officer on UK Sail Training Ship Malcolm Miller Scotland to Spitzbergen (Svaalbard). Owned ocean-going cruising boats from 1971 to 2016. Have sailed a total of around 100,000 Nm offshore as skipper. Managed the project for design and construction of my own 42 ft sailing boat 2000/01.From 2002 spent 14 years as a “live aboard” on my own boat sailing in N. Atlantic islands, Caribbean, E Coast USA, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, NW Europe and Baltic Sea. Former Commodore of the Ocean Cruising Club, member of Cruising Club of America, the UK Cruising Association, the Royal Thames YC and the Royal Institute of Navigation.

UK DoT Yacht Master (Ocean) Certificate

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Jenny Crickmore-Thompson

Director, International liaison, PR & Media

Previously a businesswoman and entrepreneur in the music industry and editing world, I came late to sailing, only starting in my late 50s after I met hubby John! An RYA day skipper course in Cape Town, then a leap of faith to the Caribbean and 14 years of cruising life pretty much full time. We explored Caribbean, W and E coasts USA, Atlantic islands, Europe, and the Baltic, putting some 35 000 nm of offshore sailing under my belt – the area I have not sailed is SA!

Was pulled into committee work for the OCC (Ocean Cruising Club), developing the worldwide network of port officers and becoming Rear Commodore. I’m an active organiser and great networker, and as part of the OCC annually hosted get-togethers for circumnavigators in Richards Bay, Durban and Cape Town – hence becoming very involved with the cruisers caught in the Indian Ocean with the covid pandemic. This work grew into OSASA, the next and most important step forward.


Robert Ravensberg

Port representative for Cape Town

Robert has been a member of RCYC for 40 years and is the owner of Amberes, a traditional dutch motor sailer. 

He has been the Ocean Cruising Club Port Representative for CT for the past ten years and, more recently, an OSASA volunteer. He has forged a good relationship with the Port authorities over the years, enabling him to readily assist the foreign cruising boats with clearance challenges.

He has a personal interest in meeting the cruising community and enjoys listening to their experiences. They are appreciative of his personal assistance with information pertaining to the local marine service providers, tourist attractions and various other needs, whilst he enjoys meeting people of interest. 

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Natasha Wolmarans

Richards Bay Port officer

“The sea, once it casts it’s spell, holds one in it’s net of wonder Forever”  Jacques Yves Cousteau

Natasha has been a member of Zululand Yacht Club since 2015. she was a landlubber and always refused to sail,  she was just in it for the social side. But then Natasha became the entertainment officer at the ZYC and that is when she met Jenny and through her became the OCC Port Officer.

Natasha learnt how to sail on a L26 at ZYC, and crewed for many “round the cans” events on Wednesday evenings, as well as sailing to Mozambique from Richards Bay for club events on both monohulls and catamarans. Natasha says that she has been spoilt on catamarans and prefers the “stability”  In 2018 she did a three month yacht delivery to Seychelles on a catamaran from Richards Bay (she absolutely loved it as she does not get sea sick).

The Covid 19 Pandemics initial frustration, as boats were not allowed in was endless, but the work, “behind the scenes”, of all the South Africans/South African sailors paid off in the end. With a PCR test needed before Port Health and Immigration would clear them in, and the patience needed for this process was overwhelming. Natasha has now welcomed many boats to Richards Bay during this pandemic period. The excitement on the internationals’ faces at the thought of doing game drives to our local wildlife reserves is worth all the work and time spent!


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