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For Coastal Sailing, South Africa


Once you have entered South Africa through a Port of Entry and completed your clearing in procedure with visas etc, you do not need health declarations to be completed for entry into any further port along the coast.

Sailing the Coast:

Please also contact the relevant yacht club or marina you are sailing to, before you leave, to ensure a berth.

Contact Port Control on the designated channel given below before you go in.

Port of Richards Bay

Complete a Passage plan in the office, make sure you have

the Club Stamp on the paperwork.

Get a stamp from the SAPS border in Small Craft Building, upstairs on the 2nd floor.

Take it back to ZYC and the office will submit to the Port for Clearance. You have 36hours to leave the port, otherwise you will have to re-do the passage plan.


Port of Durban is Tracy Sewrajh,, +27 76 316 3347. She will deal with all your queries. You will need to do additional paperwork with Tracy before you leave Durban.

Ports of East London and Port Elizabeth, complete and submit the online form at before leaving your last port. John Tudehope +27 82 854 3961 for PE, Peter Sahd +27 84 504 2589 for EL.

For Simonstown/False Bay Marina, Kim Dunston +27 21 786 3853. No passage plan necessary, but call ahead for berth.

Hout Bay Marina, Richard Chase +27 82 577 7735. No passage plan necessary, but call ahead for berth.

Port of Cape Town contact for a pratique at least 2 days before entry giving them your boat name, number aboard, last port and eta, and request a pratique. Ensure that you have a berth in either Royal Cape Yacht Club or V&A before entering the Port of Cape Town. RCYC; V&A


Port controls:

Durban channel 9.

East London channel 12.

Port Elizabeth channel 12.

Knysna contact Mike Jacobs on 0825667851 for guidance through The Heads.

Simonstown call SA Navy on channel 17 (call sign Bullnose) or False Bay Yacht Club on channel 71.

Hout Bay yacht Club monitors channel 16.

Cape Town Channel 14.

If you are still unsure, please see additional information under S African ports on website

Departure from South Africa:

If leaving from the Port of Cape Town, get a letter from the marina to state you have paid all dues, and take this to Immigration, with passports and all paperwork. Customs can be done online, or physically in the same office block as Immigration.

If you are berthed in either Simonstown or Hout Bay, you have to get a letter from Royal Cape Yacht Club stating they are unable to fit you in (hence your berthing there), then officially have to take the boat and all above paperwork to Port of Cape Town to clear out.

Emergencies: NSRI Call Centre: - 0870949774

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