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Coastal Passage-making, South Africa


Once you have entered South Africa through an official Port of Entry and completed your clearing-in procedure with Port Health, Customs and Immigration, you do not need to complete health declarations or to visit Immigration or Customs for entry into any further port along the coast while coastal passage-making.

​It is, however, important that you complete the relevant yacht club’s departure or flight plan, that you call ahead to Port Control in the next port, and call the next marina or yacht club for berthing. This is especially valid over the Nov/Dec period, as the berths fill very quickly.

​Emergencies at sea: NSRI Call Centre: - +27 87 094 9774

Procedures to enter South Africa through a Port of Entry: register for the pre-arrival authorisation notification (PAN) now required by the Department of Transport, before entry, by completing the online forms at at least 96 hours before your arrival to ensure officials have your information. OSASA will submit this information to Department of Transport for authorisation, and organise your Health Pratique before your arrival.

​Richards Bay: Port Control monitor channel 12

If arriving in Richards Bay as a first Port of Entry: On arrival in Richards Bay from international waters, all yachts local and foreign need to go to Small Craft Tuzi Gazi for clearance. OSASA rep Natasha Wolmarans +27 83 280 1650 will make officials aware of your arrival for ease of clearance and advise you of the tides to enter the bar to Zululand Yacht Club. Once cleared, contact the ZYC office for berthing Fiona Linde +27 83 994 6652.

If arriving in Richards Bay from another South African port, contact the ZYC office for berthing. No further action needed.

Before departing Richards Bay for another port in South Africa, complete a ZYC Passage plan in the office. ZYC will submit to the Port for Clearance. Once completed, you have 36 hours to leave the port, otherwise you will have to re-do the passage plan.

Durban: Port Control Monitor channel 9

If arriving in Durban as a first Port of Entry, the same requirements are necessary for pre-arrival authorisation through OSASA, and Durban Marina will point you to the International dock until cleared in.

Durban Marina office, Lee-Ann Manggoss, +27 76 316 3347 for berthing.

On departing Durban for another South African port, complete the required flight plan with the office.

​East London: monitor channel 12.

If using East London as a first Port of Entry, the same PAN requirements apply, registering with prior to arrival in port.

Buffalo River Yacht Club manage berthing in East London Peter Sahd +27 84 504 2589

Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth): monitor channel 12

If using Gqeberha as a first Port of Entry, the same PAN requirements apply, registering with prior to arrival in port.

Algoa Bay Sailing Marina manage the Gqeberha marina, contact Chris Cocks +27 82 800 8404.  John Tudehope +27 82 854 3961 for Gqeberha will assist.

Both East London and Gqeberha and request that you complete the online form at before arrival in either port.

​Knysna: Mike Jacobs personal vhf ch 10

Knysna is NOT a Port of Entry.

Contact Mike Jacobs on 0825667851 for guidance through The Heads. He will communicate on whatsapp, then uses his own radio on Channel 10 to talk boats in. Invaluable service!

Knysna Yacht Club +27 44 382 5724 for berthing.

​Mossel Bay: Monitor channel 12

If using Mossel Bay as a first Port of Entry, arrangements need to be made well in advance as officials need to come specially from Cape Town. As per all other Ports of Entry, submit your registration through, but in this case at least 2 weeks prior to arrival. Allocation of berths by TNPA, +27 44 604 6271, Harbour Captain or

​​Simonstown/False Bay Marina: call SA Navy on channel 17 (call sign Bullnose) or False Bay Yacht Club on channel 71

Simonstown is NOT a Port of Entry.

Contact Kim Dunston +27 21 786 3853 for berthing.

​​Hout Bay Marina: monitor channel 16

Hout Bay is NOT a Port of Entry. Call Richard Chase +27 82 577 7735 for berthing.

​​The Port of Cape Town: Port Control monitor Channel 14

Cape Town being a commercial port, they request an additional pratique before you enter the Port of Cape Town. Even when coastal passage-making, contact for a pratique at least 2 days before entry giving them your boat name, number aboard, last port and eta, and request a pratique. Essential that you have a berth in either Royal Cape Yacht Club or V&A before entering the Port of Cape Town.

RCYC Jakes Manten +27 67 194 3733; V&A +27 83 688 1490

​Departure from South Africa:

If leaving from the Port of Cape Town, get a Letter of Good Standing from the RCYC marina and take this to Immigration, with passports and all paperwork. Customs is in the same office block as Immigration, and you must get your DA1/DA3 form signed and stamped. If you require a VAT refund, please ensure you follow the process as laid out in

If berthed in either Simonstown or Hout Bay, you need to take the boat and all paperwork to the Port of Cape Town, in order to present yourselves to Immigration and Customs to clear out of the country. RCYC has an international berth that can be used while doing this.

If leaving from Richards Bay, complete a Flight Plan with Zululand Yacht Club, then go to Immigration and Customs to clear out of the country.

Please note, once you have cleared out through Immigration, you have officially left South Africa, and have 24 hours in which to leave. If you return after that time period, you have to go through the whole entry process again, including registering for PAN through OSASA, as you are now crossing the border and re-entering the country.


See South African Ports for further information.

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