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Wanting to reclaim VAT before leaving South Africa?


As of 1st April 2023, SARS has appointed a new agency, the Vat Refund Agency, to deal with VAT Refunds. Please read the information available for the VAT Refund Agency on their website

Summary of the Procedure to claim VAT refund.

  • Read the information provided in

  • Go to Customs for inspection of invoices and get these invoices stamped.

  • If under R5000 claimed, they will need your name, surname & address on invoice.

  • Up to R10 000 and over, they also need proof of payment (receipt if paid by cash or card payment slip) for each invoice provided.

  • Once stamped by Customs, go to VRA office in the harbour with all documentation, to complete POPI and Disclaimer form, and complete claim form. Give your bank account details – it must be a foreign bank, as they cannot refund VAT to a S. African bank account.

  • Submit all documents, ensuring you make copies of everything.

It takes approx 3 months before a VAT refund is processed. Address and/or for any questions. Tel +27 10 025 6371.

If you submitted a VAT refund claim before 31st Mar 2023 and have not yet received any info contact Tel +27 11 979 0055.

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