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Visas for entry to South Africa

Passport holders from most “western” countries e.g. the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and most (but not all) European EU countries will be given a 90 day tourist visa on arrival in South Africa. Other nationalities will have to apply for a visa in their home country before arrival.

Please check the table below – scroll down to Visa Exemption List. Check your passport nationality in the left hand column and scroll across to the column headed “Ordinary” (most cruisers will have an ordinary passport). This column will show if you are exempt from obtaining a visa prior to arrival and will show the duration of the visa which will be issued on arrival. If the column is blank then you are NOT exempt and must obtain a visa prior to arrival.

If you are not exempt it is vitally important to obtain a visa prior to arrival. If you do arrive without a visa you will not be “cleared in” and will not be permitted to leave your boat whilst in South Africa.

Click on the Link to View the table

OSASA/31 October 2022

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