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The Ocean Sailing Association of Southern Africa (OSASA) was formed by a group of seasoned ocean cruising yachtsmen specifically to represent the interests of recreational cruisers sailing around the oceans of Southern Africa and in its coastal waters.

During the severe immigration restrictions imposed on cruisers in 2020 arising from the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, the OSASA team was successful in negotiating entry for foreign cruisers previously denied access into South Africa and around 80 such boats were successfully processed.

At that time the South African Department of Transport (DoT) introduced a requirement for Pre-Arrival Notification from ALL incoming vessels and by creating an online portal at, OSASA became instrumental in facilitating the documentary requirements for DoT. During these negotiations OSASA established a strong relationship with the South African Government and this is being maintained on an ongoing basis. 

Our services to cruisers are:

  • Manage the online portal, initially for entry registration.

  • Manage pre-arrival notification documentation for incoming small vessels with the  South African Department of Transport.

  • Encourage local cruising in small vessels along the Southern African coast and further afield.

  • Encourage foreign small vessels to visit South Africa and to cruise in its waters.

  • Negotiate smoother “flight plans” for local coastal passages.

  • Encourage and motivate development of better facilities for coastal cruisers.

  • Collate and publish current navigation information for the Southern Africa coastline.

  • Popularise Southern Africa (Indian and Atlantic Ocean shores) as a cruising destination of choice, especially with the myriad of choices for land travel combined with cruising.



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