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Health Status of Ship and persons, considering the following health questions

Health questions

Has any person died on board during the voyage otherwise than as a result of accident? If yes, state particulars
Is there on board or has there been during the international voyage any case of disease which you suspect to be of an infectious nature? If yes, state particulars
Was a medical practitioner consulted? If yes, state particulars of medical treatment or advice provided.
Are you aware of any condition on board, which may lead to infection or spread of disease? If yes, state particulars.
Has any sanitary measure (e.g. quarantine, isolation, disinfection or decontamination) been applied on board? If yes, specify type, place and date

Note: In the absence of a surgeon, the master should regard the following symptoms as grounds for suspecting the existence of a disease of an infectious nature:

(a) fever, persisting for several days or accompanied by (i) prostration; (ii) decreased consciousness; (iii) glandular swelling; (iv) jaundice; (v) cough or shortness of breath; (vi) unusual bleeding; or (vii) paralysis.

(b) with or without fever: (i) any acute skin rash or eruption; (ii) severe vomiting (other than sea sickness); (iii) severe diarrhoea; or (iv) recurrent convulsions.